Event Risk Management

On-site safety at your event is vital. Members of the public expect to attend and enjoy your event safely and securely. You and other event organisers must take action to eliminate or minimise the risks which would result in your event being unsafe for your attendees.

Refer to our Risk Management Principles & Processes or our Event Management Checklist for guidance.

Customers – event insurance & Event Management Checklist
These common problems and hazards cause risks at events…
  • Holes in grounds or in walkways
  • Marquee pegs in thoroughfares
  • Electrical leads on ground and untagged electrical equipment
  • Overcrowding in car parks or mixing vehicle and pedestrian traffic
  • Uneven stage floor or performance space
  • No hand washing facilities at food handling stalls
Event Management Checklist – Event cancellation causes: rain

Event Management Checklist (EMC)

Our checklist will assist you in considering a range of scenarios to help identify what needs to be considered when organising an event to ensure the safety of your attendees. It will help you to:

  • identify the risks associated with the activities at your event
  • assess the exposure these risks carry
  • put controls in place to minimise risk, including the transfer of risk through insurance.

Download our Event Risk Management Checklist

A Community & Family Event Public & Products Liability policy is important because it will protect you against claims for personal injury or property damage against you by members of the public, having this does not mean risk management at your event is not required. You still need to have a Risk Management Plan in place to try and prevent or reduce the likeliness of hazards.