About – Voluntary Workers Insurance

This cover benefits your people by providing your members with financial compensation for personal injury sustained when undertaking an activity on behalf of your organisation in an official capacity.

Volunteer workers personal accident cover

Having this type of cover is a way of showing you support your members, volunteers and others who work for or participate in the running of your group. This cover will compensate them in the form of payment for lost wages for up to 104 weeks whilst the volunteer is unable to work at their normal job. The policy also allows lump sum benefits from death, loss of limbs and permanent partial disablement.

Policy Wording: Volunteer Worker Personal Accident Insurance

Example of Fundraising cover
Some examples of who the policy covers:
  • Committee Members
  • Fundraising Officers
  • Volunteers acting on behalf of your group
  • Volunteers setting up at your event
  • Volunteers travelling to and from activities
Examples of the activities this policy will cover:
  • setting up for an event
  • serving tea and coffee
  • selling or taking tickets at an event
  • acting as an usher or information guide
Examples of what it doesn’t cover:
  • It will not provide cover where the person injured is not working in an official capacity on your behalf. The cover triggers on injury only while they are performing the volunteer work — so they need to be working for you in a recognised capacity helping to run the groups activities.
  • when they are engaged in performing, e.g. in a choir or a theatre group as when they are doing this they are deemed to be ‘performers’ and are not classed as providing voluntary work, under a typical voluntary workers policy, when performing this activity

The above statements are issued as a matter of information only and for full terms and conditions you should refer to the policy wording.