Together we’re making a difference

Here at LCIS we’re committed to helping create positive social and environmental change. In line with this, and together with our insurance partner QBE, we’re proud to introduce Premiums4Good™

Premiums4Good is an innovative global initiative that sees everyday premiums making an extraordinary difference to communities across the globe. Through Premiums4Good, QBE invests a portion of your LCIS premiums into investments that have additional social or environmental benefits.

It’s a simple way to benefit those who need it most, can complement your corporate social responsibility initiatives and there’s no additional cost to you.

A simple way to create positive change from your everyday insurance spend…

By simply choosing to do business with LCIS and our insurance partner QBE, your organisation is automatically helping create positive change. At least 25 per cent of premiums from all policies purchased through the LCIS are directed to Premiums4Good.

This includes all Public and Products Liability Insurance, Association Liability and Volunteer Worker Personal Accident Insurance policies purchased through the LCIS.

How does Premiums4Good work?

When a customer pays their insurance premium, that money is invested until it is needed to pay claims. Through Premiums4Good a portion of those premiums is directed into investments with an additional social or environmental objective.

Customer Pays Premium → Insurer Invests Premium → Insurer Pays Any Claims

Vs the redirection of a portion of invested premiums to the Premiums4Good channel.

Customer Pays Premium → QBE Invests Premium → 25% Invested in Premium4Good → QBE Pays Any Claims

What are the investments?

Premiums4Good investments include social bonds, social impact bonds and green bonds that seek to deliver both financial returns and social benefit.

The investments benefit a diverse range of projects here in Australia and across the globe. These include initiatives that help the environment, like renewable energy and waste conservation projects, social programs that deliver direct, sustainable benefits to vulnerable people like the homeless or at-risk families.

How do I find out what else Premiums4Good invests in?

As part of Premiums4Good, QBE ensures a transparent process with comprehensive annual investment reporting.

You can view the latest impact report by clicking here.