Every day we work with a range of clubs, not-for-profits and community groups to cover their risks. Our dynamic, committed team understand the vast majority of our clients are part of a community group or organisation by choice because they have passion.

These types of people give us at LCIS purpose. Our passion is to protect the interests of community groups with sound advice and a selection of insurance covers, allowing you to focus on your passions confidently.

Passion is what runs community groups and not-for-profit clubs across Australia. Passion is what drives change and positive impacts across local communities, large and small. Passion is the glue that binds communities together; it can push you through difficult times and motivates you to do more, to do better.

Here at LCIS we are so fortunate everyday, to hear our clients stories, the meaningful activities they do to better the community, the motivation they have to start a charity, which are all fuelled by passion.

In recognising passion, we want to ask the question - what inspires you?

By putting a spotlight on these meaningful stories we believe we can spark inspiration in the wider community.

We will be sharing a series of these stories via our social media channels and encourage you to share yours using the hashtag


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