The COVID-19 Pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for event organisers, stallholders and community groups who have had to cancel or postpone their events to meet with government regulations to help manage the spread of the virus and "flatten the curve".

Some believe that this leaves event organisers with nothing to do until there is a resolution. However, it’s our view that savvy organisers know planning and communicating with all those involved with their event now, will help position them for success when the pandemic ends and their events are allowed to proceed.

Organisers of events who wait too long to take action planning their upcoming events may encounter issues in safeguarding deposits, rebooking venues, retaining event staff, or attracting attendees, which highlights the importance of being proactive and keeping the communication open between all parties connected to your event.

Quote Now, Pay Later

Should you require a quote for an upcoming event that you are planning or wish to speak to one of our staff regarding an annual event you usually hold later in the year, please get in contact with the LCIS team to discuss.

Please remember you can also complete an online application and get an insurance quote which will help you when you are organising your event budget.

When your event is safe to proceed as per local regulations, you can access your saved quote and pay for the selected coverage online.

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