Here at LCIS, we are all about bringing communities together. Everywhere Venues makes community, sporting and business venues easier to search, compare and book.

Through our collaboration with Everywhere Venues, LCIS can provide insurance solutions and risk management support via the Everywhere Venues website so people have the confidence to do what they love and live like they should.

What is Everywhere Venues?

Everywhere Venues is an online booking platform that showcases community, sporting and business venues allowing for them to be easily searched, compared and booked by the public.

Whether you are organising a family celebration, holding a business meeting or playing a favourite sport, the Everywhere Venues website provides helpful, transparent information on the accessibility features of venues, booking costs and availability.

What kind of venues can you list or book?
Meeting Rooms
Conference Rooms
Birthday Party Venues
Wake Venues
Function Rooms
Playground Areas
Gymnasium/Indoor courts
Playgroup Spaces
Playground Areas
Inclusion and accessibility:

The Everywhere Venues platform allows you to search for venues that meet a specific accessibility rating so you can have confidence when organising events and activities that your friend/family and colleagues with accessibility needs can safely attend.

Listing a venue with Everywhere Venues is fast and easy

Everywhere Venues can assist venue owners in getting optimum returns on their physical assets, increase occupancy rates, provide secure and transparent management tools, and obtain greater accountability from guests.

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