Just like you, it’s Jake’s responsibility to find the right cover for his community group.

Understanding why an LCIS Public & Products Liability policy provides the right level of cover has helped Jake escape his insurance nightmare.

Jake meets Public & Products Liability Insurance by Local Community Insurance Services:

Meet Jake, a 43 year old from country Victoria. Jake runs a social club that holds fun events for the local community.

He knows his club needs adequate insurance because:

  • It utilises volunteers;
  • Uses spaces controlled by others;
  • Sells cooked food through sausage sizzles, and;
  • Generally interacts with the public.

Searching for suitable insurance is very time consuming, Jake finds policy limits, conditions and exclusions all very confusing. Unhappy and discouraged, Jake is overwhelmed…

Ever felt like this before?

Not having adequate cover or being under insured gives Jake nightmares at night. It’s a wake-up call, but unfortunately, these sorts of accidents can and do happen.

Jake goes on with his day but he can’t stop thinking about what could go wrong. This is when Jake’s friend Tessa at the knitting club tells him about Local Community Insurance Services.

Jake visits the website and learns that LCIS is designed to help not-for-profit organisations and community groups, big and small, protect their passions with sound advice and a selection of insurance covers.

Jake calls and is delighted when a real person just like him answers the phone.

The friendly team advise him that based on his group’s activities Jake should take out Public/Products Liability Insurance, because this policy:

Public/Products Liability Insurance

  • Is the most suitable to provide cover for potentially costly claims made by third parties that can result from something you do or fail to do.
  • Can help cover your defence costs and any compensation you are ordered to pay if you are found legally liable.
  • Can cover you if a third party is injured or damage to their property occurs while you are providing a service.
  • Provides broad cover and minimal exclusions, which means LCIS insure the risk others may not.
  • Can have a low or zero excess depending on the type of cover.

Jake visits the Local Community Insurance Services website, completes a quote, and purchases a policy in just minutes. Now Jake has successfully escaped his nightmare!

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