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As the organiser of a single one-off community or family event, from Street parties to cultural exhibitions, there are several key aspects you need to consider to ensure the success of the event.

At LCIS, we work with thousands of event organisers to understand their risks and how we can best manage these via the avenue of insurance. We can also assist you with effective risk management.

1. Because accidents can happen

When organising an event things can and do go wrong which can have an impact on the success of the event:

Ask yourself what would you do if:

  • A tent comes loose in windy conditions and hits someone’s car because it was not properly secured?
  • If food sold for a fundraiser causes multiple people to become seriously ill?
  • Someone is electrocuted or there is a trip and fall incident because extension cords have not been secured adequately?

These scenarios have actually happened at events held. We have arranged insurance cover for these risks for clients. Transferring risk via insurance is your best defence against potentially costly claims that can result from something you do or fail to do.

2. For things you can’t control

You’ve invested a lot of money into organising the event.

You may be relying on ticket sales to recoup costs.

What would you do if the event did not go ahead, due to adverse weather conditions?

Or you are relying on a special guest (i.e. performer) to be at the event to ensure its success?

Event Cancellation Insurance could be your answer to protect your interests.

3. Protect your volunteers

A Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance can protect your volunteers against claims for personal injury when they volunteer their services to you.

4. Property

Are you hiring equipment for a special event? The hire agreement may hold you responsible to insure the equipment. You may own equipment yourself. A Property Insurance Policy can protect these assets from loss or damage.

5. Peace of mind

All the hard work has been done.

You have all of the necessary insurances in place because you’ve dealt with a specialist who understands your needs.

Enjoy the event and know we are here when you need us, when it comes to making a claim or arranging insurance for your next event.

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